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    Bronx bowl

  2. One of my best friends got tumblr and you should follow her. Her photos are amazing.

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  3. walkingdeadmonton:

    The lovely @funkstress_v is going to be selling some strawberry pillows I made. Come check out the designer holiday sale on dec 1 — 12-5 pm — 10055-80 ave . Come buy my strawberries and check out her amazing vintage and nail art!! #momprojects @flossieteacake #strawberry #pillows #nailart #vintage #nailcart #effiemumford

  4. A gift from Curly for our nb son Felix 


    Feature: Under The Henday part 2

    FELIX the cat

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  5. Vancouver

  6. cash for clunkers

  7. The quarry and Mill bay

  8. The quarry

  9. My brother moved to Montreal last week. Going to miss him so much!

  10. Some photos from the mutant science show in the mercer basement.