1. Mail art pt 3

  2. More mail art!

  3. Mail art

  5. untitled on Flickr.

    Bronx bowl

  6. One of my best friends got tumblr and you should follow her. Her photos are amazing.

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  7. walkingdeadmonton:

    The lovely @funkstress_v is going to be selling some strawberry pillows I made. Come check out the designer holiday sale on dec 1 — 12-5 pm — 10055-80 ave . Come buy my strawberries and check out her amazing vintage and nail art!! #momprojects @flossieteacake #strawberry #pillows #nailart #vintage #nailcart #effiemumford

  8. A gift from Curly for our nb son Felix 


    Feature: Under The Henday part 2

    FELIX the cat

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  9. Vancouver

  10. cash for clunkers